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Nina Guzman Receives an Award

Ok ……..I am going to venture out into risky territory and take a moment to publicly congratulate our dear Nina Guzman.  Being that I do not have a paying position I can do this without fears of being fired (I think).  I KNOW I will get an ear full for directing the spot light on her but she totally deserves it! Nina our fearless  leader and tireless advocate who fights day (and sometimes night) to make Phoenixville a better place for all, got some well deserved recognition for a job well done and we want to celebrate with her!

Two weeks ago the Chester County Women’s Commission presented Ms. Guzman with the

2015 Empowered Women’s Award

This award has been established by the Chester County Women’s Commission (CCWC) to recognize individuals who have overcome major obstacles in their lives and have become inspirational role models for women in Chester County.

We are so proud of you Nina and all that you have accomplished and have yet to do! Thank you for your service and dedication! You an inspiration to all you meet!

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(Make sure you make a big deal about this next you see Nina….she would LOVE that 😉


Committee Members

Can I share with you something that I love about Alianzas????

Bueno hay MUCCCHHHOOO, but one of the many things that make Alinazas so wonderful is the collaboration of caring dedicated people.

Nina is the director and founder.  It is true.  She is the one in that office day in and day out working with her clients advocating for them making sure their voices are heard…. But you know what? She does it with team of people supporting her and cheering her on.  These are the people of the Alinazas Committee.  The committee is made up of community leaders working right  here in Phoenixville.   They are passionate about seeing the mission statement “to equip and enhance the Latino/Hispanic community with access to local resources, advocacy and intercultural communication” be carried out.  They bring to the table their expertise in the areas in which they work, weather it be education, planning, health care, social services and so much more.  Monthly the committee meets to go over issues surrounding the Latino community and Phoenixville at large.  They bring concerns and even more importantly solutions to discuss at the table.  I would like to introduce you to our wonderful committee and at the same time thank them for their faithful service to Alianzas and Phoenixville.

Even  more importantly community of Phoenixville we want to meet you.  If you ever would like to join one of our monthly meetings as a community member or leader please don’t hesitate to call the Alianzas office for time and location.  We want to hear your voice and have you help build this community stronger and better.  Como seimpre digo…juntos si podemos!

Guatemalan Consulate


One day Nina decided to call up the Guatemalan consulate and see if they would be interested in coming to Phoenixville to service the Guatemalan residence with applying for I.D’s and passports.

“Well Señora Nina we are not sure there is a big enough need for us to make the trip from New York to Phoenixville.” Was their reply

“Trust me,” answered Nina,  ” if you come you will have plenty of people here needing passports and IDs.”

So with that consulate decided to make the trek from New York to Phoenixville to see who would show up for their two day apperancce.

We spread the word to anyone that would want to know. The consulate is coming.  Anytime some one would show up to my office with no ID I would make sure they saved the date to be at the Friendship Fire house to apply for one with the consulate.

So the community was ready, volunteers were enlisted, and the Friendship fire house kindly made the space at their Church St location for the Guatemalan Consulate to arrive.

Still weary that anyone would show up the employees starting setting up a few chairs.  We assured them more chairs were needed and set up a MUCHO MAS!

Saturday August 11th 2013 came and before the sun even rose people were lined up around the building waiting for the consulate to open up for citizens to start applying for passports.  By the time I showed up an hour before they were to open every chair inside the firehouse was taken and the line went around the block.

Over 800 people showed up over the two days  August 11th and 12th! They traveled from all Chester county and surrounding area even as far as New Jersey.   The event albeit tiring was an overwhelming success and such a positive experience.   The consulate was so efficient in processing everyone and it was a sight to be seen.

I stood their for hours making copies of everyone’s documents front and back on a small dinky copier that took for ever and you know what…no one complained.  Although the lines were long and their were hardly seats to sit in the mood was so cheery and the people so friendly.   Even the employees of the Consulate commented on how great everyone was to work with.We at Alinazas were not surprised in the least.

We we know our community here in Phoenixville rocks and we love working with you all.  Thanks for making us proud!

Sincerely Amanda…and all the Alianzas crew.