Committee Members

Can I share with you something that I love about Alianzas????

Bueno hay MUCCCHHHOOO, but one of the many things that make Alinazas so wonderful is the collaboration of caring dedicated people.

Nina is the director and founder.  It is true.  She is the one in that office day in and day out working with her clients advocating for them making sure their voices are heard…. But you know what? She does it with team of people supporting her and cheering her on.  These are the people of the Alinazas Committee.  The committee is made up of community leaders working right  here in Phoenixville.   They are passionate about seeing the mission statement “to equip and enhance the Latino/Hispanic community with access to local resources, advocacy and intercultural communication” be carried out.  They bring to the table their expertise in the areas in which they work, weather it be education, planning, health care, social services and so much more.  Monthly the committee meets to go over issues surrounding the Latino community and Phoenixville at large.  They bring concerns and even more importantly solutions to discuss at the table.  I would like to introduce you to our wonderful committee and at the same time thank them for their faithful service to Alianzas and Phoenixville.

Even  more importantly community of Phoenixville we want to meet you.  If you ever would like to join one of our monthly meetings as a community member or leader please don’t hesitate to call the Alianzas office for time and location.  We want to hear your voice and have you help build this community stronger and better.  Como seimpre digo…juntos si podemos!

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