Feria Latina 2014


WOW que dia increidlble!!!! First of all we here at Alianzas want to thank you all! Every vendor, volunteer, and person from the community that came out to celebrate this day. You all are what made it so successful.  So many great moment through out the day to talk about.  First of all we were so honored to have Mayor Speck proclaim the day as Phoenixville Latino/Hispanic Heritage Day.  This is what Feria Latina is really all about, coming together with all of Phoenixville and surrounding areas to share in experiences of the Latino Culture.

Mayor Speck, Nina Guzman, and Edwin Soto
Another moment that was touching and made me so proud was to see young people from our Alianzas youth get up and speak to the large crowd.  We all know speaking in front of hundreds of people is no small matter, ESPECIALLY  if you are amoung poloticians and people twice your age, but that is exactly what they did.  With grace and courage they spoke about their experiences as immigrants and what they hope for the future.

10522573_851080458249981_3389027828833042870_nBesides for the inspirational stories and information there was Zumba, salsa dancing and of course one of my favorite parts of the latino culture…COMIDA!  There were a raffle and tons of prizes given out through out the day.  If you were one of the lucky ones that won felicidades! But know even if you didn’t win a prize with your ticket you were supporting the great work that we do here at Alianzas with the purchase of that ticket, so that is basically a win in my book!!!!

It was a special day and we are already looking forward to next year and continuing the tradition of the Feria Latina here in Phoenixville! Gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!



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