Nina Guzman Receives an Award

Ok ……..I am going to venture out into risky territory and take a moment to publicly congratulate our dear Nina Guzman.  Being that I do not have a paying position I can do this without fears of being fired (I think).  I KNOW I will get an ear full for directing the spot light on her but she totally deserves it! Nina our fearless  leader and tireless advocate who fights day (and sometimes night) to make Phoenixville a better place for all, got some well deserved recognition for a job well done and we want to celebrate with her!

Two weeks ago the Chester County Women’s Commission presented Ms. Guzman with the

2015 Empowered Women’s Award

This award has been established by the Chester County Women’s Commission (CCWC) to recognize individuals who have overcome major obstacles in their lives and have become inspirational role models for women in Chester County.

We are so proud of you Nina and all that you have accomplished and have yet to do! Thank you for your service and dedication! You an inspiration to all you meet!

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(Make sure you make a big deal about this next you see Nina….she would LOVE that 😉


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