Volunteer Opportunities

Want to help Alianzas continue to grow? There are a lot of ways to get involved! Check out some of our volunteer opportunities.


Spanish speaking person to work with Alianzas’ Clinical Trauma Counceling program. Must be able to work in a confidential, sensitive environment developed for our immigrant community.


Alianzas is in need of mental health professionals willing to work pro bono in our Clinical Trauma Counseling Program which provides therapy at no cost to uninsured, immigrants, refugee and asylum seeking women and children.

Clients are in need of therapy due to traumas suffered in country of origin (mostly Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador) due to the before, during and after effects of migration.

Most of our clients suffer from PTS, anxiety and depression due to sex trafficking, rape, violence, the witnessing of murder, domestic violence and trauma experienced in U.S. Detention Centers while seeking refuge.
The CTC Program at Alianzas utilizes trauma-based therapies such as Trauma-Based Cognitive Behavioral therapy (TA-CBT), Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Somatic Experiencing (SE), and the Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (TREM).

Over the past two years, more than 120 clients have received trauma counseling at Alianzas. Approximately 80% of those who completed trauma therapy reported positive outcomes of decreased trauma symptoms, anxiety, depression— as well as increased socialization in community, and improved emotion regulation.

In addition to counseling, this program provides psychological support for clients as they prepare for asylum testimony, as well as helping immigration attorneys improve their ability to elicit trauma narratives from asylum applicants safely and efficiently.

CTC is part of a holistic 3-Tier Women’s Program which includes a sewing group to address isolation, English Learner Program for empowerment, healthy cooking class to improve over all health and a women’s support group for community connections. Alianzas will provide interpreters if no Spanish is spoken.


Greet and intake clients, Answer phones, filing, general office maintenance, some computer work.


Organizes, coordinates and manages the recruitment of volunteers for the outreach, various committees, departments and associated programs.

  • Works with social, civic and local organizations to develop partnerships, where appropriate, to develop and/or utilize volunteers.
  • Develops and implements training programs for all volunteers.
  • Maintains updated records on all volunteers.
  • Sets up and attends volunteer meetings. Reports to staff on volunteer activities as needed.
  • Develops and implements a volunteer recognition program


Patiently communicates lesson plan, and motivates students. Coordinates and supervises volunteer tutor helpers and reports weekly to the Director with feedback.


Follows the lead volunteer. Will be assigned an individual group to work more closely with.


  • Assisting in the development and implementation of a coordinated fundraising program.
  • Planning for and managing of fundraising events.
  • Handling donor acknowledgements and thank you letters.
  • Identify donor prospects and research donor prospects.
  • Data entry and maintenance of the data base.
  • Solicitations of corporate sponsors, financial gifts, and gift-in-kind donations.
  • Interacting with donors via phone, email and internet
  • Development of donor materials, presentations, and mailings.
  • Serves as an ambassador for the organization and promotes a positive image/ reputation of Alianzas.